Alessandro Nalli


Light as movement, a frenzy passion of colors and shapes where light poses. Daily northern lights, slightly perceptible in the most concrete urban cutout. 
A hidden nature, most likely invisible, unmasked by its own colors. 

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The metaphysical concept which binds the modern mankind, constricted in always more restricted spaces, but yet open and infinite. Crowded loneliness where the soul tries to emerge to conquer its place in the sun.

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The immortality of the soul told through its ephemeral shell. A piece of violent music that lasts a few moments, but remains indelible in Time through emotions and feelings, which burst like a grenade in the viewer's eyes. 

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El lobo loco

The strength of the human impulses permeates the artworks. Eros, fear, and joy seem to share the same moment in an infinite loop bringing the viewer in a state of feeling hybrid and controversial emotions.

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The classicism that becomes psychedelic and punk, a comeback to a direct and concrete disorder in black background collages, which enhance pearly shapes of ancient statues, becoming bearers of eternal messages. 

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Silvia Righetti

Still life post-modern natures and living bodies, a language that seems to combine East and West in a unicum never seen before, where eyes and looks seem to follow the viewer that cannot help but feel investigated.

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EMME mod.jpg

A blackboard on the Cosmos and Nature, topics that still lead to many questions and very few answers, but a careful eye can surely understand the depth of the ongoing investigation and draw their own personal consideration.

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A journey into the spiritual and magical world, one where the human beings can aspire to walk only transcending laws that govern the Universe. A shaman would surely be at ease but still is a place of freedom and access is granted to everybody.

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Andrea Dionigi

Colour permeates everything, the artist too, who becomes an integral part of the artworks. Shapes looking like ongoing fluid and invite the viewer to dive into to understand the Essence.


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Jasmine Bacchesci

Jasmine deals with photography and with this language she tries to reach herself and the others, in a flow that goes from the eye directly to the senses. A look from “here”, from being here present, at this moment, in this place occupied by the body. A vision imprisoned in the space-time contingency, in a cage made of a single reality. But in this world, every print is the sign of a passage, of an expectation, of a presence, of a will to escape or run after something, in an eternity of moods, gravity, and nostalgia.

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Letizia is a tattoo artist at the “kuro ten tattoo” studio in Ascoli Piceno where she is known by the pseudonym Ebby.

Over time, her passion for tattoos and body art takes over, leading her to obtain a diploma to work as a tattoo artist in a professional studio where love for art and
stories come together in an ideal union.

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