Bounty airdrop #1


We allocated 50,000.00 $SNAFU tokens for our airdrop campaigns. Of those 15,000.00 $SNAFU will be airdropped for this first campaign.


1) Register for the bounty on our google spreadsheet
2) Follow us on Twitter, join our telegram group 

Only the first 300 participants will be eligible for the airdrop, resulting in 50 $SNAFU per participant.

UPDATE: 04/10/2020

Airdrop distribution completed!
Thank you everyone for participating in this airdrop and for you for your support.

Below you can see the list of the transactions with 50 airdropped $SNAFU for those who fulfilled the form, followed us on Twitter, and joined our Telegram group.

Transaction #1
Transaction #2


To see the token inside your Metamask wallet please go to this page and click on the Metamask icon near the token address.


You can also do it manually by doing "Add Token" ->  "Custom Token" -> 0x27B9C2Bd4BaEa18ABdF49169054c1C1c12af9862a