Bounty airdrop #2


3100 $SNAFU tokens were distributed to participants of the Retweet Bounty Campaign ( 

Participants had to like and retweet our tweets for a week in order to obtain an airdrop of 100 $SNAFU.

We had a maximum cap of 300 participants that we reached in a few hours. But the rules were clear: you had to retweet for an entire week our tweets. Many of the subscribers didn't do it and we had to exclude them from the airdrop.

Of those 300 subscribers only 31 resulted eligible for the airdrop.

You can see the airdrop transaction at this link:

To see the token inside your Metamask wallet please go to this page and click on the Metamask icon near the token address.


You can also do it manually by doing "Add Token" ->  "Custom Token" -> 0x27B9C2Bd4BaEa18ABdF49169054c1C1c12af9862a