Collection #2


For the occasion of the release of our second collection, we created an artbook with all the artworks, analysis, and artist descriptions. It's an 80-page long artbook that will be given as a gift to anyone that will buy at least on NFT of the second collection.

The artbook will be attached as unlockable content to the "Collection #2 - Special Edition" NFT that we'll mint at end of the campaign. So you will receive the NFT and the digital artbook.

The 5 users that will buy the higher number of NFTs from this collection will receive also the physical copy of the artbook!

We'll drop one artist per day, for a total of 17 artists.

The campaign will end on 30 June, 2021.

Our second collection is an epiphany of looks, a chorus of images that represent our present.

Thanks to the arrival of new artists, we were able to dig deeper and better analyze the world around us.


This collection tells the world we are living in, a blade runner-like city where the sun shines perpetually, making this horizon even more absurd. We tell about loneliness, daily difficulties, integration and cultural differences, tangible and true narratives of our time, everyone can see themselves in our artworks, no one excluded.


We invite you to enjoy our artworks and to imagine with us the world you would like.

The revenues from the sales of this collection will be used as follows:

  • 40% to artists

  • 20% to the Collective

  • 40% will be used to buy back the $SNAFU from Honeyswap and add liquidity to the token.

Artbook preview

Dropped NFTs