Collection #1 - Bundle Airdrop

Starting from April 14 to April 24 the SNAFU Collective is launching a new Bounty Airdrop for token holders of NFTs of Collection #1!

On April 24 whoever will have all NFTs of the following bundles will be rewarded with the "SNAFU Collective - Special Edition" NFT + $SNAFU tokens. A total amount of 75000 $SNAFU was allocated for this airdrop!


Bundle 1
Reward: 1906  $SNAFU


- My Fucking 2 cents by snafumett

- Second Abstr-ACT by alessandronalli

- Help by andreadionigi

- Ethereal by faranush

- And while outside you shine, inside you are dead by buda

Buy bundle here for only 100 DAI instead of 209 DAI: BUNDLE SOLD OUT

Bundle 2

Reward: 2390  $SNAFU


- Animals in a tie by faranush

- Whim by andreadionigi

- Monitor by silviarighetti

- Lutscher pruleta a rayas by el_lobo_loco_sebastiano

- Fourt Abstr-ACT by alessandronalli

- Static by emme

- Escape by buda

Buy bundle here for only 150 DAI instead of 262 DAI: SOLD OUT.

Bundle 3

Reward: 3202  $SNAFU


- Mr Skate Banana by el_lobo_loco_sebastiano

- GIFT by balbèro

- "Don't turn off the light" routes by emme

- Lovers by snafumett

- Fear of Counsciusness by faranush

- Fifth Abastr-ACT by alessandronalli

- Prologue by alessandronalli

- Pattern by silviarighetti

- Daffodil by silviarighetti

- Still Beatifull by buda

Buy bundle here for only 200 DAI instead of 407 DAI: BUNDLE SOLD OUT

To claim the reward you will need to fill this form:

We created bundles with all NFTs so you can buy the entire bundle and receive the reward.
But buying bundles is not mandatory! If you already have some pieces you can buy them separately on Unifty or Unique One Marketplace. Or you could also trade them with other users. The important thing is that you need to have those NFTs in your wallet on 24 April and to fill the form.

You could also wait for the release of the SWAP Protocol and see if other people added the NFTs you need in the pool and swap them for $SNAFU tokens.

UPDATE 04/04/21


The bundle campaign ended and rewards were distributed accordingly. Each winner received the special NFT of Collection #1 and a $SNAFU reward. Here is the distribution transaction: 

Transaction #1