Decentralized Autonomous Organization



We use Snapshot to create proposal to the community, which can vote with their $SNAFU tokens (even if staked or in LP).



We use Colony as a way to be transparent to the community on how the DAO money's are being used.



Discuss our proposals, drops and roadmap on our forum.



Join us on our telegram group and engage with our community!

The SNAFU collective at its base core it's a DAO: every decision and every single $SNAFU to spend will be first voted by the community. We allocated a total amount of 300k $SNAFU tokens as funds for the DAO and also on each swap made with the Swap Protocol a 5% fee is applied and that money go to the DAO too.

The collective will propose various initiatives and the community (i.e. the holders of the $SNAFU tokens) will be able to vote to give their consent or not. The initiatives may be various, some examples are the promotion of an artist, the financing of art exhibitions, marketing strategies, contests for artists, etc.

The voting power of a person is determined by the amount of $SNAFU tokens he holds. $SNAFU tokens used to stake or to provide liquidity are counted so you do not need to unstake or remove liquidity in order to vote.

Community members can create their own proposals, in order to do this a member would need to hold at least 10k $SNAFU.


We are using Snapshot as our main platform for voting. In order to vote you will need to use Metamask and sign a message. This process does not cost anything and $SNAFU tokens remains in your wallet.


We are using Colony to manage our funds in a very transparent way. But since Colony it's still in beta we won't deposit there all DAO's funds.
All DAO funds are in this wallet.