SNAFU Collective

SNAFU is an Italian underground art collective that established a platform that leverages the new power NFTs have brought to the art world to provide a steadier revenue stream to the global and local art community. The collective created a colorful and engaging platform (also called SNAFU) where artists can mint their work as NFTs and interact directly with patrons and collectors.

SNAFU also issued a token with the same name, dedicated to creating a DAO that will decide how to sustain the artistic collective’s initiatives, financing projects, and young artists. This independent sustainability-oriented thinking positions SNAFU in the first line with other art world pioneers to genuinely utilize and maximize the relatively young NFT market to reinvent how we deal and consume art.



Beeple, Everydays – The First 5000 Days NFT, 21.069 pixel x 21.069 pixel (316.939.910 byte).

In 1950 the mathematician Ben Laposky realized an oscillogram and inserted in his processor a mathematical function, obtaining a basis for a graphical projection, then with an oscilloscope, he varied the wavelength of the light rays emitted by the cathode ray tube creating distortions. Digital art was born.

Sometime later, in 1985, the father of pop art Andy Warhol, during the presentation of the Amiga 1000 Commodore, the first multi-media PC, created a work starting from a black and white photo of Blondie singer Debby Harry. It is the first recognized work of art made with a computer.


Time has passed since then, but digital art has not stopped evolving and with the progress of technology, it has expanded its horizons and its possibilities. In spite of these advancements, this artistic language has remained linked to the world of advertising and graphics for a long time, without receiving the attention it deserves and it has been regarded as a minor art, relegated to little more than a pastime for its exponents.

Yet the possibilities for digital artists are almost endless. Apart from 2D works with graphic tablets, which are essential today, the means and tools now available are so many: photography, 3D graphics, CGI, VR, music and more. All this bring creativity and imagination to a new level. No longer constrained to the limited space of the canvas and sculpture material, the work can literally explode in mammoth works of the size of just a few megabytes.


Thank God, the network and the world of Cryptocurrencies have come to the rescue of digital artists and in the last year, the attention towards this type of art has risen to new levels. So much so that during an auction the work “Everyday: the first 5000 days” by the artist Beeple was sold for $ 69 million, a figure never seen before, which testifies to the growth of interest in this language. Now everyone is talking about it, and from all over the world thousands of artists have poured into the network to showcase their creations.

A cybernetic golden age has just begun, the doors of mnemonic perception have opened wide to all those who feel brave enough to cross them... will you be one of them?

SNAFU collective was born from the primordial need of the members to express their emotions through artistic languages. We were islands adrift, but we started to build bridges to communicate our passions and shout out to the world that beauty will save it from squalor.

The beating of our hearts marks a new time, an era that needs new spaces and new infinite horizons; we will no longer be relegated to the margins of a society that has lost the taste for beauty and wonder.


We want to throw ourselves to the conquest of these new worlds and then share them with the whole of humanity, because we are inclusive not exclusive.

We want to show the wonders of the digital firmament even to the most analogical of beings, without forgetting the beauty that nature gives us because we can see, we are not blind.


We want to take back our future, which today seems only a mirage, less and less real and more and more nebulous. We are tightrope walkers suspended on a thread of uncertainties teetering on a stormy sea, but we face danger with all our passion because we are brave and not cowards.

We want a brave new world that keeps up with our dreams and ambitions because we are the change we would like to see in the world.

We are cyberpunks, graphic designers, painters, programmers, photographers, musicians, art lovers trying to give their point of view of what is and can be conceived as art in an era where everything is digital and immaterial.

Since Art is tied to its historical period, like every other artistic movement of the past (Pop art, Abstractism, Performance art, etc.) the SNAFU Collective wants to pursue its own goal of creating a new form of self-sustenance for young underground artists all around the globe. We are engaged in exploring and experimenting this new way of conceiving art, testing its limits and finding an answer to the question of what can really be considered art in the historical moment we live in.


We navigate in the digital ocean in a stubborn and contrary direction, because we are pirates and we want to take everything we deserve.