$SNAFU token auction report

auction snafu.png

On 3rd May we created a Gnosis Auction for the $SNAFU token. A total amount of 100K $SNAFU was made available to purchase from a starting price of 0,03 XDAI. You can read more about the token auction and rules here.

At 4 PM UTC of 5th May the auction ended.
A total amount of 3003 XDAI has raised for 100K $SNAFU tokens sold at 0,03003 XDAI. 

The XDAI raised in this auction will go into the token liquidity on Honeyswap.


If you participated in the auction you need to claim the $SNAFU tokens you bought or the XDAI/WXDAI if your bid wasn't filled. Simply go to the auction page, connect to the metamsk account you used to bid, and click the "CLAIM" button.