$SNAFU Token

Contract address: 0x27B9C2Bd4BaEa18ABdF49169054c1C1c12af9862

Ticker: SNAFU

Decimals: 18

Blockchain: xDai

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You can buy $SNAFU on Honeyswap.

$SNAFU is a community token issued by the SNAFU Collective and used to vote in the SNAFU DAO.

The $SNAFU tokens, in addition to giving the right to vote in the DAO, will allow you to FARM other exclusive artworks.

To encourage the community to not sell the token $SNAFU and add liquidity to the asset $SNAFU/xDAI the following strategies will be used:


  • FARMING of the unique artworks by staking $SNAFU tokens

  • STAKING of LP tokens

  • Give voting power in the DAO of the SNAFU collective: the voting power is proportional to the number of $SNAFU owned

  • SWAPPING of $SNAFU tokens for NFTs


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500k $SNAFU were allocated to the team.


Those $SNAFU tokens are vested using a smart contract. The smart contract won't release any tokens for the first 3 months after deploy and only start releasing $SNAFU tokens in a period of 1 year starting from 15 August 2021.

You can review the smart contract at this link.


300k were allocated for the DAO. This money will be used only after community approval. Besides the allocated tokens, for each transaction with the Swap protocol, a 5% fee is applied: this fee is automatically transferred to the DAO wallet, so the amount of $SNAFU the DAO will be able to access will grow based on the number of swaps on our platform.

At the moment $SNAFU tokens are stored on this wallet: link to wallet.

When we'll need to move money Colony will be used in order to be the most transparent possible.

Token Sale

100k of $SNAFU tokens were used in the Gnosis Auction token sale.


120k $SNAFU tokens were used to create the $SNAFU/XDAI pool on Honeyswap.

Future Pools

70k $SNAFU tokens were allocated to create future pools on Honeyswap.


127k $SNAFU tokens were distributed to the community with our Collection #1 campaigns. Read more here and here.

Early adopters

73k $SNAFU tokens were distributed to early adopters that bought SNAFU NFTs previous to the SNAFU Collective launch. Read more here.


33k $SNAFU tokens were allocated to the bounty campaigns for the SNAFU Collection #1 launch. Read more about the telegram campaign and Twitter campaign.