Collection #1 Report


Our "Collection #1" drops were all successfully released on Unique.One marketplace from April 5th to April 10th. Whoever bought an NFT of that Collection received a $SNAFU airdrop.

First of all, we would like to thank all participants and our community for buying our NFTs and sustaining us as a Collective and the artists themself. It was a pleasure to see our artists as "Top Sellers" on the Unique.One marketplace for three days in a row and to have 4 artists of 5 as "Top Sellers" of the week, so thank you, everyone!



We sold a total amount of 127 artworks, with a total income of 2317 DAI.

This income was subdivided as follows:
- 40% to the artists (835,6 DAI)
- 40% to the token liquidity (835,6 DAI)
- 20% to the SNAFU Collective (417,8)

We also sold a special NFT composed of different artworks of the collective. As we stated 100% of all income from the selling of this NFT is allocated to the $SNAFU token liquidity. We sold 21 editions of this NFT, for a total amount of 228 DAI.

So, to sum up, we are allocating 1063,6 DAI for the token liquidity.


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$SNAFU Token Distribution

Whoever bought NFTs of this collection until April 11th was eligible for an airdrop of 140 $SNAFU for each NFT they bought.

For this airdrop were allocated 375,000.00 $SNAFU. We scheduled to mint 3750 NFT tokens (tokens * editions) for this collection but we reduced the number of editions and NFTs during the process in order to preserve the $SNAFU Tokenomics.

Because of this and because we didn't sell out all our NFTs  we had to take a few decisions:
1) The remaining amount of $SNAFU tokens will be used for other airdrops to incentivize the selling of NFTs

2) Since the supply of NFT was reduced it increased the amount to reward to buyers, so instead of airdropping 140 $SNAFU/NFT we airdropped 300 $SNAFU/NFT

3) We will remove all artworks from selling from Unique.One and from April 12 to April 17 (before the release of the SWAP feature) we'll sell those NFTs on Unifty platform. There will be another reward for who will buy during this week, but with different rules. At the end of the week, we'll remove the unsold artwork from the sale.

We have a total of X unique addresses that bought 148 artworks.

This is the list of the top 5 collectors:

  1. 0x8467F76ba0b033232e37C9b8CC4C28756400553a - 12 NFTs

  2. 0x8606c8F2577409985c6cE0382dc6B383a235F9f5 - 10 NFTs

  3. 0x35f5a3F01Bb9cac58796b2C44B310FCf97a21e69 - 9 NFTs

  4. 0x9005b64c70d7bB68de940b18cFB61451AcB28b38 - 8 NFTs

  5. 0x30b4a5477314e3FbD0C22D6Afcd71EeCF4d9D22F - 7 NFTs

We airdropped 300 $SNAFU for each artwork in their wallet, for a total amount of 44400 $SNAFU.

You can find below a list of the transaction used to airdrop the $SNAFU tokens:
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