On June 25 we dropped our last NFTs of Collection #2, for a total of 17 artists and 25 NFTs.

All NFTs of this collection can be seen on our here.

We sold a total amount of 1995 $ of NFTs, of which 798$ are reserved for the artists, 399$ for the SNAFU Collective, and 798$ for buying back the $SNAFU token from Honeyswap and add SNAFU/XDAI liquidity.


Unsold NFTs

The unsold NFTs will be bundled and sold on Unifty with a discount from 15% to 20%. This discount will last a week until the 10th of July.

The earning percentages from these sales will be redistributed as previous: 40% - 20% - 40%.

After this period of time, all NFTs that will remain unsold will be removed from sale and the DAO will decide, through a vote, to make them available through farming, burn them, or something else. This decision will be first discussed in the SNAFU Forum.

Collection #2 Prizes

The theme of this collection was the release of our first Artbook: everyone that bought at least one NFT from this collection will receive a special NFT and the digital edition of the artbook. The top 5 buyers will instead also receive the printed and autographed copy.

Below is the list of the collectors:


The digital art book will be transferred on Sunday 4th of July.

Shipping of the printed copies will start on 19th of July.

Please reach our moderators on telegram to redeem your printed copy.