Early adopters airdrop

All holders of the NFTs from the SNAFU Collection on Unique.One before April 3rd received an airdrop of $SNAFU tokens. Thank you for supporting us and buying our art from the beginning!

A total amount of 75,000.00  $SNAFU was allocated for this airdrop.

An amount of 600 $SNAFU tokens were distributed for each NFT of our collection that was purchased.

You can find the full list of all the addresses that received the airdrop at this link.

Add $SNAFU token to your Metamask to see and use your tokens.
Go to "Add Token" ->  "Custom Token" -> 0x27B9C2Bd4BaEa18ABdF49169054c1C1c12af9862


Or you can go to this page and click the Metamask icon near the address (which will automatically add it)