SNAFU Collective

SNAFU is an underground Artists Collective 2.0 that proposes the creation of a coin whose value could be strictly bound to the artworks sold through the collective as NFTs (Non-Fungible Token). The coin’s purpose will be to create a DAO that will decide how to sustain the artistic collective’s initiatives, financing projects, and young artists 

Our mission is to create a new way to sustain emerging artists.  



Beeple, Everydays – The First 5000 Days NFT, 21.069 pixel x 21.069 pixel (316.939.910 byte).

To understand what Crypto Art could be we must analyze some examples first in order to draw conclusions and features. 

If we take for example Beeple’s work, which was sold for 69 Million dollars, we can easily see how this artwork, a photo collage, is representing something that in our  “tangible reality” would hardly be created and admired, because the collage itself it’s so “giant” that the only way to enjoy its real nature is to use a digital tool to zoom in and get every single photo inside it. 

An artwork therefore born in the digital world for the digital world

Besides, visiting marketplaces where you can buy NFT (like Rarible, Opensea, Unique.One) we can notice how the majority of artworks sold are GIFs, which strengthens the previously expressed concept: a gif cannot be hung on a wall and the only way to fully enjoy an artwork like that is to use an IT tool.

In the end, artworks like Crypto Punks, Euler Beats, etc. further extremes this digital art concept: it’s art not created by a human being, but by algorithms and AI that through its code create something unique. The “Programmable Art” is in fact Art created by a code, sold through code, and enjoyable through a code. 

The code that becomes art.

So, digital is what distinguishes those types of artworks, because it’s closely bound to the era we are living in and the tools we have available in the contemporary world. An era where VR, digital coins, and cryptos are every day more important. 

Since Art it’s tied to the historical period like every other artistic flow in the past (Pop art, Abstractism, Performance art, etc.) the SNAFU Collective wants to pursue its own goal to create a new form of self-sustaining for young underground artists all around the globe, exploring and experimenting this new way of conceiving art, testing its limits and find an answer to what can really be considered art in the historical moment we live in.