The eyes are the mirror of the soul, they convey our emotional state better than anything else. A glance can show us happiness, sadness, desire, and even fear.

The artist investigates the condition of the human soul using this very medium. The synthesis created is perfect, the emotions cross the canvas like a river in flood, making us participants and accomplices.

The works are real portals, able to transport us back in time and the apparent emptiness of the canvas is transformed into memory, filling them totally.



Born in Perugia in January 1994, after attending the scientific high school he decided to enroll at the Academy of Fine Arts in his hometown.
Here he applies and experiments with many forms of art; from painting, sculpture, photography to digital works.

His works focus on human emotions in the most brutal and crude of ways. Some of his works seem to shoot the viewer in the face by how effective and direct they are.


15 Unique NFTs (Only 1 edition available).

The NFTs will be dropped in the SNAFU Community Pool on November 23 at 12:30 am UTC.

The price for each NFT is 1000 $SNAFU.

+ 1 GIF NFTs with all the eyes (200 editions)