SNAFU x Pool Together

After a long time talking about it and preparing everything for it we are finally live on Pool Together!

What is Pool Together?

PoolTogether is a protocol for no-loss prize games on Ethereum and xDai chain. Modeled on the well-established concept of "no loss lotteries" and "prize savings accounts" the protocol offers a chance to win prizes in exchange for depositing funds. Even if you don't win, you keep all your deposited funds. Prizes are selected and deposited by us and can be ERC20 or ERC721 tokens.


We'll have different kinds of prizes: SNAFU NFTs, SNAFU NFTs redeemable for physical items such as posters, t-shirts, printed artbooks, exclusive SNAFU NFTs, and $SNAFU tokens.


Every 3 days there is an extraction. Unfortunately, PoolTogether sometimes doesn't display the NFT that will be gifted but we'll try to always let you be updated.

How to participate

To participate you need to stake SNAFU/WXDAI LP tokens on PoolTogether.
This is the liquidity provider token and to have it you need to add liquidity at the SNAFU/WXDAI pool on Honeyswap.

There is no min and max amount to stake. The winner is randomly extracted. Of course, more staked SNAFU/WXDAI LP and higher are the chances of winning.

When a user deposits, they are instantly eligible to win. To maintain fairness a time decay early exit is enforced. All early exit fees accrue to the prize. 

Early exit fee: 5%
Fee decay time: 6 days

So you have to wait at least 6 days after staking if you don't want to pay an early exit fee.

How to know that I won?

You can look on PoolTogether or look at our new "Prize" section on

After winning an NFT you will need to claim it and convert it into a SNAFU NFT.

Some NFTs will be "redeemable", eg: "You won a poster". To redeem the physical price you will need to burn the NFT and send us the burn transaction and shipping addresses all signed with your wallet. It sounds difficult but we made it easy for you. All this can be done with the SNAFU Dapp.


Prizes list/scheduling

- Free Poster

- Free Artbook

- NFT Collection #2

- Exclusive NFT

- NFT Physical Artbook


Participate now!