PROPOSAL #1 passed


On 14 May we created a Snapshot proposal for our community to vote. The proposal was to "use the 10 most rare NFTs (for a total of 3550 $SNAFU) to fill the LP Farming pool and the remaining 15 NFTs (for a total of 11310 $SNAFU) to fill the $SNAFU Farming pool."

Only token holders of the $SNAFU tokens at the time of the snapshot were eligible to vote. We had a total of 33 votes, and the YES side received the absolute majority of votes with a total of 144.02k $SNAFU (98,08%).

You can review the proposal at this url.

On 17 May at 12 AM UTC we will refill the $SNAFU farming pool with NFTs.
The prices will be readjusted and are discussed in this forum thread